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This si where you will get my opinions about books.
If it's not good I'm not going to wasggte my time reviewing it, unless it's very popular and really horrible. Then I probably will.
I hope you take the time to read the books I review, and enjoy them!

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Books: Reviewed - And Upcoming

(Plus: An exclusive look into the future!)

"The Vatican Connection" by Richard Hammer
This is a MUST READ book! It was given to me to read by a family member who refuses to take responsibility for the way I turned out. This book chronicles the connection between the Vatican and the American Mafia. What makes it so fabulously interesting is you learn about the interconnections between The Vatican, South American Drug Lords, Nixon, Manuel Noriega, and most of the bad crap that went down about 30 years ago, into the 80's. All uncovered by one cop named Joe Coffey, who was a determine bastard who even after all of this, went on to find even more fame. In fact, I found his resume, online, if you are interested:
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You can buy The Vatican Connection, on Amazon (used) for only a penny! Yeah, I'm not joking, 1 cent! Don't let the price deter you, it's a good book and the best penny you will ever spend.
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If you are skeptical about this penny thing, then go ahead and pay full price (new). Heck, I'll get a percentage this way:
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The Vatican Connection
The Vatican Connection

Also note, I still stand by my "vision" that the next pope will be a dark skinned man, and the pope that follows him will be the last pope of the Catholic church. Watch for it!

The book upcoming for review is one suggested by the wife of the man who has been providing us all those cool video clips. It's called "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore.
Below is a link to an excerpt from that book:
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If you are interested in buying it, and getting a head start on me, please use this link:
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Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!

For Michael Moore's latest book:
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Dude, Where's My Country?

This is a book you just HAVE to read! Nikola Tesla's inventions are the basis of almost every single piece of technology we use! It's true! In fact, Edison is credited with electricity, but did you know most howmes would still be without it if it weren't for Tesla's invention of Alternating Current? Maybe you didn't knwo that Tesla invented the radio, but for posturing, the U.S. patent office gave the patent to an American instead. DId you know that physicists are, decades after hsi death, only starting to be able to reproduce some of his most phenomenal inventions? I could go on for days about how absolutely phenomenal Tesla was and how important he is to your life, but I won't. In fact, I'm not even going to refer you to a biography of him, well not right now. I am going to refer you to a book that contains Tesla's lost journals! (Yes, they were found, wiseguy.) In it are some of the most astounding of his discoveries!

This is his first book:
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The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla

Below are 2 books I will be constantly pushing on you. They are by a great friend who has been a major inspiration in my life. Both in being a good man and in helping me experience the world from the inside out. This man was one of the most beloved Congressmen of New York, and for good reason.

This is his first book:
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Stonewall's Gold: A Novel

This is his second book:
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Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War

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