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This the standard price list for advertising in the tri-daily newsletter:
Sidebar Attention Grabber (120x600) - 6 runs - $300
Top Text (100 words max) - 6 runs - $150
Bottom Banner (234x60 pixels) - 6 runs - $100
Side Button (120x90 pixels) - 6 runs - $50
Small Button (120x60 pixels) - 6 runs - $35
Note: We'll do the art for you (our discretion on look & feel), if you provide your logo! If you don't have a logo, triple your run length, and we'll create a logo for you! The same goes for creating the ad art to your specifications!

REVIEWS: Send us your product for review. If we like it, we'll write a review in the newsletter and let our readers know why we love it! If we don't like it, we won't even mention it. This is a win/win for you!

This the standard price list for advertising on the web site:
Banner (468x60 pixels) - 6 weeks - $300
Right now all banners are placed at the bottom of the page. Soon we will offer top banners.

Top Text:
[Your Product or Service] is the most phenomenal [product or service] of it's kind since sliced bread. In fact, Firbes magazine recently had a write up about [Your Product] in which they surmised it would become the next big thing in the industry. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 users preferred [Your Product or Service] to [product or service] X. The all new [Your Product or Service] outperforms our previous [product or service] by 50%! That means you'll save time, energy and money! The [Your Product or Service] is revolutionizing the industry! In fact, Larry Queen recently featured [Your Product or Service] on his Larry Queen Live show and the feedback was extremely positive! So what are you all waiting for {Click Here} to order yours today!

Sidebar Attention Grabber:
Your Ad Here!
Bottom Banner:
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Side Button:
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Small Button:
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