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Ok, I stated this was the issue to read all the way through.
However, in the interest of not blowing up your inboxes, I had these extras slated for the newsletter, but have placed them here, instead. Enjoy!

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Only In Florida - Lord Do We Know

Brooksville, Florida: Laren Sims, 36 - Accused killing her husband, Sims hung herself in her jail cell. Officials found her suicide note in a sandwich wrapper. In the note, she asked her lawyer to sue the penitentiary for not preventing her from killing herself. She instructed that her children were to receive any funds raised from the lawsuit. This caring mother, who murdered her children's father wrote, "They won't have to watch my trial on Court TV. It should all die with me,".

Miami, Florida - A dog who's owner, Ruth Gay, slipped on wet grass and fell and dislocated her shoulder, has won the "Dog Hero of the Year" award. 2 year-old Blue, survived numerous injuries while fending off a gator, who's natural instinct is to eat the injured. Also note, alligators prefer dogmeat. After Gay fell, the gator immidiately saw it's oppurtunity, but Blue fended off the reptile. When Gay's daughter and son-in-law arrived home, Blue led them to where Gay was lying.

Coral Gables, Florida - High winds send 2 kite surfers hurtling into a parking lot at Matheson-Hammock Park after lifting them off the South Florida waters. One of the kite surfers collided with a car, suffering severe head injuries.

Orlando, Florida - Mickey Mouse turns 75. 'Nuff said.

Consumer - Did You Know

Who said Alternative Fuel Vehicles can't be the coolest new form of transportation you've ever owned?
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Sociology - Get To Know

As some of you probably know, the British have a love hate relationship with Cell Phones. The links below clearly illustrate the hate side of that relationship.
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Learn how to whistle while you work! That's Silbo, not Taibo, dontcha know? Click Here

Books: Reviewed - So You'll Know

Below are 2 books I will be constantly pushing on you. They are by a great friend who has been a major inspiration in my life. Both in being a good man and in helping me experience the world from the inside out. This man was one of the most beloved Congressmen of New York, and for good reason.

This is his first book:
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Stonewall's Gold: A Novel

This is his second book:
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Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War

Something Fun - No Need To Know Anything

This is an update to IE that replaces the age old spinning E with a very cool animation! It also adds a pretty BG to your toolbar. It is created by me! Actually, being a perfectionist, I want to change this, so this will be in the next article.

Wierd News - Wish We Didn't Know

DOH! No really, I'm in shock that Doh is now officially a word in the Oxford English Online Dictionary! Of course, some very few of you remember, years ago, me saying, "This Matt Groening is going places!". At the time he only had his comic strips, "Life is Hell" and "School is Hell" and I was strongly disagreed with. Well, now it's offical! Who said I can't call 'em? For those of you who are lost, Matt Groening is the creator of "The Simpsons" and the main character, Homer, likes to say, "Doh" to capitulate his moments of idiocy. Precisely what all those naysayers are doing right about now.
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Speaking of FOX animation shows, one of my favorites, Family Guy, may be coming back!
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