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When The Wind Blows
When The Wind Blows

My Opinion - Never Shut Up

Recently someone sent me a link to a George Carlin web site and told me they thought I would enjoy his humor. While I appreciate the link, and the thoughtfulness, I already have a very strong opinion of Mr. Carlin. I used to like his particular brand of humor. That is until one particular joke. Now I know what you're all thinking, "It's just a joke, get over it!" Well, in this particular case, I think it was more than that. You see, it wasn't clear it was just a joke, even though he was standing on the stage, and it was in the middle of his act, and people were laughing and applauding... (did I hear someone yell,, Richard, weren't those enough clues?) Well, no, no they weren't. I have heard a lot of comedians push the envelope with racial jokes, sex biased jokes and jokes that can't even be categorized. But usually, they wrap them in a neat, "I'm joking" package. This joke, by George, seemed like advice to the audience. On this night George Carlin decided to educate his audience on how ridiculously foolish and self aggrandizing it is to belive that we have the power to kill off the planet. In fact, he went on to teach the audience that we should realize the planet has been here for billions of years and if it could withstand a comet strike and an Ice Age, it can withstand us.
Well George, wake the frell up! Things are just a wee bit different now that we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy everything on the planet 127 times over, and we can produce chemicals that melt flash from bone. You see George, there are synergistic or symbiotic events that take place between a host and it's guest and there are destructive or parasitic events that can take place between the host and its guest. All of the previous events which the Earth has survived have been synergistic or symbiotic. Evolution, and other factors I won't get into here, have created a species that has the tools to destroy much. To keep this short, George, you should know that atomizing acres upon acres of land with all the people, plants, and animals that inhabit that space, in the blink of an eye, is not a synergistic occurrence. That is made even clearer by the fact that we currently stockpile enough weapons, on the ready, to do that at a level 1,000's of times beyond that, meaning every single human, plant and animal on this planet could be atomized, and the result would be no atmosphere, water or, proteins, etc. for the process of evolution to even begin again here. So, in fact, it may be self aggrandizing, but it is the truth that people DO need to be aware of what they do and how they treat their planet, because they have many things at their disposal the animals before them did not have, and that could lead to tragedy, FOREVER.

Now why do I blame George for what was "Just a joke?"? Because we all have to remember we are responsible for our wake. (Thank's, Dad, for that awesome, and so true, saying) If we give people the impression that their actions won't hurt anything and they go forward into the world with reckless abandon, it is our fault. Ultimately, we created that which tipped the boat. In George's case, he must realize that, due to his celebrity status, and his way of wrapping everything he says in a blanket of apparent "Sound Reason7quot;, people will be influenced! That's just NOT good.

Speaking of the above, I have had a lot of people write to me asking me where to find the movie "When The Wind Blows" It's an animated movie about an elderly couple that is simply not ready to face the reality of how bad BAD can be. The musical score is done by Roger Waters (the former lead of Pink Floyd) and David Bowie. It is by far and away, one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life and I have found a source for it. If you only watch one more movie, the rest of your life, watch this one! Clearly this is a collector's item!
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When The Wind Blows
When The Wind Blows

Here is an original page out of the book version. In the movie the drawings are cleaner and there are no text balloons.
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